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Malnutrition is the single greatest cause of child mortality in Sierra Leone. Nearly a third of children under age five are chronically malnourished.

Mercy Hospital screens babies and toddlers for malnutrition at the hospital and at village outreaches. Malnourished children are enrolled in the Nutrition Program and their parents receive a feeding supplement called Sierramix. The child’s progress is closely monitored, and when they reach a healthy weight, they are discharged from the program.

Just $25 provides nutritional supplementation and monitoring for three malnourished children, providing life-saving treatment and renewed hope for their families.
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to aid the work of Helping Children Worldwide and assist one or more of our program partners working in the poorest communities with the most vulnerable children in the world! Please check out our growing number of program partners, and their crucial work to increase family and community resiliency to overcome the increasing impacts of unstable economy, civil unrest and violence, and uncertain climate changes. 

Our mission is to help children worldwide by strengthening families and communities.  
You donation will allow us to:
  • form trusted partnership to serve and empower the world’s most vulnerable. 
  • focus our work on children and families and solutions that empower families and communities to become resilient and able to recover from times of crisis.
  • link even more resources to needs.
  • form more strategic development partnerships with like-minded people and organizations.
  • collaborate within networks of social service organizations to leverage expertise and share resources.
  • form strategic program partnerships with locally owned and managed organizations to build their capacity to operate without our assistance.
  • advocate for local ownership of solutions to eradicate root causes of child poverty. 
  • maintain the financial health of our organization in order to continue operations, build and grow programs, and impact greater numbers of children in our global efforts in 23 countries around the world.