Sponsor A Family

Sponsor A Family

About This Campaign

As the Child Reintegration Centre reunites orphaned and abandoned children with families, they are helping the families become stable and self-sufficient by providing them with mentoring, skills training, and case management, in addition to the support for education and health care extended to all children and youth in the program. Extremely vulnerable and foster families receive material support to help them provide for their children.

Most families survive through some combination of subsistence farming and street selling, and their existence tends to be "hand to mouth." CRC parents may enroll in a microfinance program to learn small business and money management skills, how to create a budget and save money, and how to do simple banking transactions. Graduates receive a small loan to start or expand a small business. Acquiring these skills can truly help a family break out of the cycle of dysfunction and illiteracy that mires families in extreme poverty.

You can help a vulnerable family become stable and self-sufficient through sponsorship.

Family Sponsorships are designated donations from which no administrative, management or fundraising costs are deducted. 100% of your sponsorship goes to the Child Reintegration Centre for the support of the families enrolled in the program.
Helping Children Worldwide

Campaign to Support Helping Children Worldwide

Helping Children Worldwide focuses on children and families affected by extreme poverty, with a focus on access to education and health care, child survival, and maternal care.   By partnering with local government organizations and the local church, we support education, childhood nutrition, infant and maternal survival, and family stability.