Family Empowerment Advocacy

Family Empowerment Advocacy

About This Campaign

The Child Reintegration Centre reunites children living without parental care with families. Whether this is a child who has left home and is now living on the street, or has lost their connection to family through tragedy, there is a need to prepare the child and the family for success.  Getting the child home is only the first step to success. We cannot eliminate the dire circumstances of severe poverty that these children are born into. But we can help their families be better equipped to overcome it. By focusing on the circumstances of the whole family, it is possible to provide tools to make them stronger and more resilient. Your role as a Family Empowerment Advocate will lift up a child, a parent, and a family and lead them to be able to care for themselves. 

Your help is needed to equip and empower families to succeed and gain independence from outside support. 

What does this mean?

CRC needs your help to equip and empower families to become stable and able caretakers. CRC needs resources to providing these families with mentoring, skills training, and case management. 

CRC needs your help to equip and empower families to provide for the family's basic needs. The CRC supports family financial independence with training in financial literacy skills that promote economic resiliency. The CRC provides assistance for basic needs, including food insecurity, access to education and health care for the children and youth living in the home while they become more resilient. This is why,  in the course of moving families from care to self-care, extremely vulnerable and foster families receive material support to help them provide for their children.

CRC needs your help to equip family breadwinners to provide adequate economic resources for the family to thrive. Most families  enrolled in family strengthening and empowerment programs at the CRC are surviving through some combination of subsistence farming and street selling, and their existence tends to be "hand to mouth." That is why CRC parents are eligible for enrollment in a microfinance program to learn small business and money management skills, how to create a budget and save money, and how to do simple banking transactions. Graduates of this program receive a small loan to start or expand a small business. Acquiring these skills can truly help a family break out of the cycle of dysfunction and illiteracy that mires families in extreme poverty.
How do you help?

You can join the advocacy team with monthly or annual donations that will support the work of the CRC with one or more family and learn about their personal journey. You can contribute to the wellbeing of children rescued from the street, and ensure that their family can provide a stable, loving, safe home for them. You will send children to school, get them fed, keep them well, and keep them growing up where they are most likely to succeed, with a firm foundation of family support and care. 

How can start  with a contribution of as little as $30, $50 or $75 a month.  You can also register, or give a one-time donation, to join a team of advocates at their next meeting to see where you fit into the big picture.
More than that, as an advocate you will be able to share the rich stories of family empowerment and success with others, so they too may be called to be an agent of change and love. 

What can these advocates achieve? Together, we will change the entire outlook for the families and children living in extreme poverty. Eventually, we can ensure the end of the Orphan and Family Separation Crisis in Sierra Leone.

Please join the effort! Become a Family Empowerment Advocate today!

Select "I want to empower families" to begin donating now to support family empowerment.

Select "Participate" to create a team to work together to empower families.

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