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My name is Kate Greenfield and I am going on a 2 week mission trip to Bo, Sierra Leone. I am from Northern Virginia, but I attend the University of New England in Southern Maine, with my studies focused on Public Health. I will be working with my church along with a few others to help in the Child Rescue Center (CRC) and Mercy Hospital. The CRC houses children who are orphaned or fostered through familial unrest or from the civil war that has ravaged the country. Mercy Hospital focuses on treatment of the sick, which ranges from minor illnesses to major illnesses like Ebola. Most of my work will be focused in the hospital and the medical lab. The funds will be used for travel to the country and any other necessary expenses along the way, like vaccines. It has always been my dream to attend this mission trip and now that it is happening I could not be happier. Your contribution will mean a lot to me as every penny counts!

Thank you so much!

UMVIM July 2018

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