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My first trip with HCW to Sierra Leone in 2017 had a permanent impact on my perception of many global issues, and having the opportunity to travel back with such an extraordinary group of people on such a productive mission is one that I am beyond grateful and excited for.

Of any of my close friends and family that have heard from me, personally, about my passion for this organization and the many profoundly impactful projects that they help oversee, I'd ask you to please donate ($25-$50 is fantastic, but any amount is greatly appreciated) to my team fundraising page as well as familiarize yourself with some of the resources HCW has online.

Of anyone that hasn't heard from me about this organization, I'd ask of you the same thing, but I'd also highly encourage you to reach out to me about my own experience and the difference that anyone can make just by broadening their perspective.

UMVIM May 2019

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Donate to support a mission team that is traveling to Sierra Leone to support the dedicated staff of the Child Rescue Centre and Mercy Hospital!

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