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Thank you for joining our campaign: "A Strong Family For Every Child AND No More Babies and Mothers Dying From the Lack of Access to Basic Maternity Care!"

Every child deserves to grow up in a safe, loving family. Together we can help create a healthier and happier future where orphaned children and vulnerable youth can become safe and healthy, skilled for long-term success, and able to lead meaningful lives with a supportive, loving family and community.

Infant, Child, & Maternal Mortality Reduction: You can help us get closer to that day when we can finally say "No More babies and mothers will continue to die because of the lack of access to basic maternity care."

On this year's Giving Tuesday, "What if you could help one orphaned and vulnerable child grow up in a safe, strong family? What if you could help prevent one mother and their baby from dying from the lack of access to basic maternity healthcare services?"

What Will $60,0000 Do?

✔Equip and empower 180 Orphaned and Vulnerable Children and allow them to be raised in safe, strong families as they reach their wonderful God-giving potential.

✔Save the lives of 150 mothers AND their babies with access to quality maternity care.

Your support today will not only be restoring HOPE to the future of one orphaned or vulnerable child, baby, mother, or family...but you are giving HOPE to the world and making it a better place.
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We help children worldwide by strengthening families and communities. We focus on solutions that empower families and communities, form strategic development partnerships, form strategic program partnerships, advocate for local ownership of solutions to eradicate poverty, and insist on financial health of our organizations operations.