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Welcome! Thank you for taking the step to SHINE a LIGHT of HOPE for mothers and babies, and vulnerable children and families!

GivingTuesday is a celebration of generosity – a global movement that inspires individuals like you to come together as one to...Give back, Save Lives, Transform Communities, and Leave a LIVING LEGACY - a legacy that endures and replicates!

​This Giving Tuesday, our goal of $80,000 will be used to...

✔ Save the lives of 180 mothers AND their babies with access to reliable maternity care services.

✔ Empower street-connected youth to change their lives, so that 35 families and 90 children break entirely free from the grip of poverty within 3 years, able to lead meaningful lives within the embrace of a supportive community.

✔ Strengthen 180 vulnerable families with parenting workshops, simple business education, and microloan services to become independent.

Thanks to our Board of Directors and a generous group of donors, every gift will be DOUBLED up to $40,000 – by November 28!

Thank You For Your GIFT of HOPE!

• $50 can help 5 pregnant moms get a taxi ride to the clinic, saving them 3 hours of
• $100 can strengthen an entire family with parenting and business education and
microloan services.
• $200 can enroll a mom and their baby in a maternity program for excellent care.
• 150 donations can rescue a street-connected child and enroll a vulnerable youth-led
family in an empowerment program.
• $220 can enroll 2 orphaned youths or young household breadwinners currently
attempting to provide support for younger siblings, children, and impaired or
disabled adults in their household.
• $230 can provide life-saving blood transfusions to 13 mothers during high-risk
• $500 can provide nutritional supplements to save 16 malnourished babies.
• $1,000 can save 6 mothers and their babies during a high-risk C-section.
Helping Children Worldwide logo
In Support of Helping Children Worldwide
to aid the work of Helping Children Worldwide and our incredible program partners! (See details below.)

We help children worldwide by strengthening families and communities. 
  • We form trusted partnership to serve and empower the world’s most vulnerable. 
  • We focus on children and families and solutions that empower families and communities to become resilient and able to recover from times of crisis.
  • We link resources to needs.
  • We form strategic development partnerships with like-minded people and organizations.
  • We collaborate within networks of social service organizations to leverage expertise and share resources.
  • We form strategic program partnerships with locally owned and managed organizations to build their capacity to operate without our assistance.
  • We advocate for local ownership of solutions to eradicate root causes of child poverty. 
  • We insist on the financial health of our organization's operations.