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kNOw Hunger 2022
Please Donate to Help Malnourished Children Become Healthy! kNOwHunger!!!

In Sierra Leone, more than 30,000 children suffer from malnutrition, placing them at a high risk of disease and death. Mercy Hospital’s nutrition program provides nutritional supplements to hundreds of children in the country. Mothers come to Mercy’s outreach and receive a supplement called Pikinmix; “Pikin” in Krio means “child”. Made from locally farmed sesame seeds, pigeon peas, and rice, the Pikinmix is supplied by the Sierra Leone based company Benemix. The powdery mix is combined with water or milk to make a porridge before being fed to the stunted or wasted children. The mothers are given 4kg bags of Pikinmix, which will feed one child for a month. Each bag costs about $25


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