No More Orphans in Sierra Leone

No More Orphans in Sierra Leone

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There are 20,000 street-connected children (children who live or work on the street without appropriate adult supervision) throughout Sierra Leone. Poverty, not death, is the number one reason that children are separated from their families in Sierra Leone. 

Two years ago, after successfully reintegrating every child placed in Residential Care with a loving family, Helping Children Worldwide and the Child Reintegration Centre (CRC) in Sierra Leone decided to tackle the widespread issue of family separation (often called the Orphan Crisis) in a way that would ultimately bring every child off the street. We asked you to imagine the idea of "NO MORE ORPHANS" in Sierra Leone. 

 This campaign is the next step on the journey home for orphans and vulnerable children.   This is how "No More Orphans" in Sierra Leone becomes a reality!
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We help children worldwide by strengthening families and communities. We focus on solutions that empower families and communities, form strategic development partnerships, form strategic program partnerships, advocate for local ownership of solutions to eradicate poverty, and insist on financial health of our organizations operations.

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HISTORY   By 2018, CRC had successfully reintegrated the children under their care and provided strong case management and family strengthening tools to keep those families moving towards dignity and independence. This is the piece that matters most, equipping and empowering parents to care for their children, so that they no longer need outside help to be stable and strong. Empowerment keeps children at home, healthy, and in school, and enables families to raise strong and successful adults. The CRC reunification program works well, but they are just one organization and there are not enough case managers to serve every child living separated from family. To truly help the 20,000 children on the street, other organizations need to be trained and activated.

SHARING OUR SUCCESS.  Working with 1MillionHome, HCW and the CRC adapted and presented an introductory training on the concepts of child reintegration, and began working with other child welfare organizations to coach them how to do successful child rescue and family reintegration. HCW and CRC leveraged the partnerships we had developed with other organizations to enhance the skills and define the working model of the CRC’s successful reintegration program, and brought those to the Sierra Leone Ministry of Gender and Children’s Affairs to discuss how to work collaboratively to resolve the family separation crisis in Sierra Leone.

WHAT WILL WE DO?   Under this new strategy to teach others how to do the work, the Attachment Theory training developed with UMaine Honors College that had been so successful was adapted to teach other child welfare organizations and their case managers how to train parents and caregivers in attachment theories. The financial literacy training is being adapted into a train-the-trainer module and all of this will be taught to every case manager in Sierra Leone WITH YOUR HELP. The Ministry of Gender and Children's Affairs has asked CRC to train every organization in Sierra Leone on family reunification. 

The CRC continues to improve its own internal operations with enhanced skills for case managers and program managers, and every challenge in the process and every improvement made is shared with the global community. HCW continues to bring resources to aid them in finding better ways to approach the unique problems each family faces. 

CRC and HCW are building curriculum and training tools to use to train case managers to equip and empower families to care. CRC is used to developing programs for training caregivers, but it has been asked to teach its model to others, as it is being adopted by the government as the new basis for the standard of care. 

WHY THAT GETS US TO NO MORE ORPHANS.  Inspiring every case manager with the idea that children belong at home, and that families must be equipped and empowered, rather than separated and broken apart, is the next step in a national collaboration that will result in the end of family separation as a response to the orphan crisis. That is how we get to "No More Orphans."

WHAT YOU DO.  Your part is pretty simple. Join the campaign to end the orphan crisis by engaging friends and family to help provide the necessary resources. Make it fun! Make it a competition or a party. Take joy in seeing how your team has come together to lead families out of extreme poverty towards dignity and independence. 

Yes, you can choose to simply donate, but you can do more when you participate as part of an advocacy team, gathering resources to get us to the next level.

HOW DO I PARTICIPATE?  Sign up to participate in the campaign. Send out invitations to your friends, family members, and anyone who has a heart for children. Just as the CRC is stronger as part of a coalition, you are a stronger advocate as part of a team. The Ministry of Gender and Children's Affairs has asked the CRC to train every organization in Sierra Leone on family reunification. Working together to help make the Family Reunification Workshop happen this fall, we can help them do that! 

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