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Mother's Day at Mercy Hospital

Mother's Day at Mercy Hospital
Will you help us to make Mother’s Day a joyful day for vulnerable mothers in Sierra Leone?

Mercy Hospital’s mission is to improve infant, child, and maternal health, by providing holistic, community-focused care to one of the least-served communities in the world.

Every year, the lives of hundreds of mothers and babies are saved through Mercy Hospital's prenatal clinic, maternity department, village outreach, and child nutrition program.

Let’s make motherhood safer!  Make your Mother's Day Celebration HER Mother's Day Celebration! Join us on this journey of improving maternal health in Sierra Leone.


Happy Mother's Days of 365 goal
Helping Children Worldwide
In Support of Helping Children Worldwide
We help children worldwide by strengthening families and communities. We focus on solutions that empower families and communities, form strategic development partnerships, form strategic program partnerships, advocate for local ownership of solutions to eradicate poverty, and insist on financial health of our organizations operations.


Because of organizations like Helping Children Worldwide and Medical Services such as those of Mercy UMC Hospital, maternal and infant mortality rates and lower than they were just 10 years ago.

Unfortunately, UNICEF reports that Sierra Leone still has the highest maternal mortality ratio in the world, with 1 in 17 mothers dying in childbirth in their lifetimes and 3% of women in labor dying during childbirth each year. 6% of babies die at birth, and 8% of children who survive birth will die before they reach the age of six. This makes Sierra Leone one of the most dangerous places for mothers to give birth, and for children to be born.

Join Mercy Hospital and Helping Children Worldwide to boost the joy of motherhood and help mothers and children benefit from the free quality prenatal and maternity clinics. 

Together we can help save the lives of both mothers and their babies from complications relating to childbirth. We can help mothers save the lives of their babies from preventable causes such as acute malnutrition, malaria, diarrhea, measles, and others.

It takes so little to make a difference!

The cost of care for one mother is so small, but it is important.  Prenatal care and a regular delivery is just $35.  A cesarean surgically assisted delivery at Mercy is $100. 

You will save lives of mothers and babies at Mercy Hospital.  Please give so that mothers can access
 free maternal services

Please consider donating any amount today to play a role in reducing the high death rates among mothers and their babies.



Covers the cost of life-saving surgically-assisted delivery (c-section) to save a mother and a baby at Mercy Hospital.



Provides prenatal care for pregnant women.



Provides labor and delivery services and post-delivery well-baby care.