2021 Child Reintegration Centre Christmas Party

2021 Child Reintegration Centre Christmas Party

About This Campaign

It’s the most wonderful time of the year – Christmas in July, that is! The Child Reintegration Centre has already started planning the 2021 Christmas party, and we sincerely appreciate your support for this wonderful event. All the CRC students are invited to a festive celebration, including a special meal and a Nativity play. Each of the kids receives a special gift to take home. Everyone has a wonderful time, and the kids are so grateful to the sponsors for making the party possible!

“It brings the true meaning of Christmas as we celebrate." - Raymond
“Since the start of the year I have not eaten delicious food like this!" - Memunatu
“I love the Christmas party because it gives me the opportunity to meet my friends
and make new ones." - Madiana

Will you help share the joy of Christmas with the student you sponsor and other CRC students? The suggested donation is $25 for each CRC student you sponsor, and if you can donate a little extra, that will help cover the kids who don’t have sponsors.

Questions? Call us at 703-793-9521 or email support@helpingchildrenworldwide.org. Thank you in advance for sharing the joy and love of Christmas with the Child Reintegration Centre.

Cheers! from the Sponsor A Child Team
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