20FOR20 - The Child Reintegration Centre 20th Anniversary

20FOR20 - The Child Reintegration Centre 20th Anniversary

About This Campaign

Since 2000, the Child Reintegration Centre has been rescuing vulnerable children from desperate situations of extreme poverty and abandonment. Today, the CRC is modeling the reintegration of families torn apart by poverty, with a vision to help other child welfare organizations make the transition from institutional care to family care. To celebrate this joyous occasion, please join us to raise $20,000 so the CRC can:

~ Rescue 20 homeless children from the streets of Bo and reintegrate them with caring families (there are an estimated 6,500 unaccompanied children in Bo.)
~ Provide skills training to 20 CRC families who are vulnerable due to extreme poverty, so they can care for their children and become self-sustaining.

The CRC will celebrate with radio shows, football matches, games, candlelight prayer vigil, and a thanksgiving service on Sunday, July 5th, 2020.

Join us to celebrate 20 years of God's faithfulness!

"The Lord has done great things for us; we are glad." Psalm 126:3
Helping Children Worldwide

Campaign to Support Helping Children Worldwide

Helping Children Worldwide focuses on children and families affected by extreme poverty, with a focus on access to education and health care, child survival, and maternal care.   By partnering with local government organizations and the local church, we support education, childhood nutrition, infant and maternal survival, and family stability.


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    I hope you all go on to fight the injustices in this world that caused them and others to be poor. I love you. Stay safe. Fight to make Africa a better place. God bless.
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    Honoring Emily Anne Richberg.
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    Kevin and Michelle Joyner gave a $21.16 donation
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