Give Light and Life - Bethel United Methodist Church Charleston

Give Light and Life - Bethel United Methodist Church Charleston

About This Campaign

Please join us for an evening of fellowship to raise funds for Helping Children Worldwide's initiatives in Sierra Leone, the Child Reintegration Centre (CRC) and Mercy Hospital. The CRC and Mercy are providing urgent life-saving resources for children and families in one of the poorest countries in the world. Electric power is unreliable and often off for hours at a time, so the installation of solar panels is a big priority for Mercy Hospital. Villages served by Mercy and the CRC need access to clean water, wells, and sanitation systems.

Location / Venue

  • Address:
  • 57 Pitt Street
  • Bethel United Methodist Church
  • Charleston, SC 29401
  • USA
Helping Children Worldwide

Campaign to Support Helping Children Worldwide

Helping Children Worldwide focuses on children and families affected by extreme poverty, with a focus on access to education and health care, child survival, and maternal care.   By partnering with local government organizations and the local church, we support education, childhood nutrition, infant and maternal survival, and family stability.

  1. Richard and Dunlap Silver
    Richard and Dunlap Silver gave a $50 donation
    Dedication In Honor of: Gary and MaryAnn Gilkeson
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  2. Marta Hampton
    Marta Hampton gave a $1,043.10 donation
    Dedication In Memory of: Jeremy Kapnek
    Thanks for your time and energy in helping children around the world.
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  3. Paula Harrell
    Paula Harrell gave a $52.44 donation
    Dedication In Honor of: Pauline Edwards
    God bless!
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  4. Julia Saylors
    Julia Saylors gave a $52.98 donation
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  5. Glenn and Cyndy Keyes
    Glenn and Cyndy Keyes gave a $521.70 donation
    We're sorry we can't attend the event but are glad we can participate financially!
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  6. Elizabeth Smith
    Elizabeth Smith gave a $52.44 donation
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