Z 2019 End of Year Campaign

Z 2019 End of Year Campaign

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Hi, it’s Melody Curtiss, Executive Director, Helping Children Worldwide.

Two years ago, I took this job, wondering how I would convince people that the poverty in rural Africa is as compelling as the poverty in rural America, and that education and healthcare for the youth of Bo is as important as education and healthcare for the youth of Washington, DC, Houston, TX, Kansas City, KS, or Charleston, S.C.

In America, we have our impoverished, our homeless, our sick and troubled. But there is a stark contrast between impoverishment in our land of plenty and the vulnerable children and families in Sierra Leone. We go hungry. They starve. We struggle to keep our kids in school. They have no school. I get sick on Sunday. I take medicine and am back at work on Monday. In the villages of Sierra Leone, they have no medicine, and if there were medicine, they couldn’t buy it on $1.20 a day.

I never want Sister Augusta at Mercy Hospital to again ask me if she should buy infant formula to feed babies who are starving, because their mother died and they are living off water. I don’t want her to take money that isn’t in her budget from another over-stretched budget item. I want her to have the formula on the shelf. I don’t want to hear that a baby is orphaned because her mother died giving birth in a village seven miles from a trained medical professional. I don’t want to discover a child has typhoid because his family washes their clothes and drinks from the same river their village uses as a toilet, or that five and seven year old students are dropping out of school to toil alongside their parents in the field.

As we celebrate the Christmas season, I invite you to make a generous gift to Helping Children Worldwide so that we may continue to shine the light of God’s love into the lives of the children of Sierra Leone.

Thank you for your love and support,
Melody Curtiss

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Helping Children Worldwide

Campaign to Support Helping Children Worldwide

Helping Children Worldwide focuses on children and families affected by extreme poverty, with a focus on access to education and health care, child survival, and maternal care.   By partnering with local government organizations and the local church, we support education, childhood nutrition, infant and maternal survival, and family stability.


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With your support, the Child Rescue Centre was transformed, becoming the Child Reintegration Centrerecognized leaders in child welfare reform in Sierra Leone and throughout the world, transitioning an orphanage model that served between 40 and 60 children into a program of child welfare through family preservation, strengthening and support. Today, the CRC continues its support of over 600 children and their families with counseling and case management, scholarships, parent education, medical care, and expanded microfinance training and loans for parents.

Helping Children Worldwide mission teams transformed their work as well, and worked collaboratively with local teachers and caseworkers, doctors and nurses, builders and leaders to make lasting impacts. By working with the professionals in Africa and giving them the tools to reach thousands of impoverished children and transform their lives, UMVIM teams are leaving a beautiful legacy that continues to operate when they return home.

Mercy Hospital truly became the fully functioning medical services hub we envisioned, and the surgical wing became a reality with life saving impacts, performing Cesarean Sections, delivering healthy babies and providing pre-natal and post-natal care to women in and around Bo free of charge. Mercy Outreach Team expanded its services so that those in the impoverished rural communities beyond the borders of Bo can continue to receive medical care they would not have access to otherwise, and thousands of babies have been treated for disease and malnutrition, so that they can survive and grow up.

You made this happen with your generous gifts of time, energy and resources!

Looking forward to twenty years of service! In 2020, the CRC will begin working to end the orphan crisis in Sierra Leone once and for all by teaching others how to preserve families, rescue children from the street, return children to their parents who are living in the institutional care of "Poverty Orphanages." In a few years, Sierra Leone and perhaps all of West Africa, will have no orphans, and every child will be home in a safe and loving environment. In 2020, CRC and Mercy will team up to work in the villages together, where the circumstances are dire and the poverty extreme. HCW, CRC and Mercy are working with donors like you to combat the root causes of poverty, disease, ignorance and hopelessness.

Thanks to you, a young adult like Ibrahim can have the determination to get an education. They can believe that the world is meant to be a good place, and know that there are second chances and people who care. Ibrahim and others like him won't have to live a life without hope. Thanks to you, children like Mohamed and Abbu and Mothers-to-be like Fatmata and Lucinda are receiving the care they need to survive and thrive, and children in villages are able to drink safe, clean water from wells instead of dirty, polluted streams. 

Every day your support makes stories like these possible.

Two years ago, I challenged you to "Be the Light" for vulnerable children and families in Sierra Leone and I challenged you to do the same in 2019. It's true. We set our goals higher in 2019, and despite every challenge we encountered along the way, we're 95% of the way there! 

Now is the time to help us close the gap and make your final tax deductible contribution - knowing that your faithful support makes a lasting impact and will help build sustainable futures.

From all of the staff at HCW Headquarters in Chantilly, Happy New Year, and may God bless you and yours with joy and love.